Nine Worlds Healing Service Providers


Samantha Mowrey LMT

Samantha is a trauma informed oncology massage therapist who specializes in showing people their body is a safe place to live after a traumatic experience. Not everyone has the privilege of living in a pain free, safe body. While processing emotions is out of her scope of practice, Sam excels at holding a judgment free space for those who need a place to physically rest while working through traumatic experiences.

If you are recovering from cancer treatment, including chemo, radiation, mastectomies, or other major surgeries, Samantha has over 100 hours of Oncology Massage & scar tissue recovery continuing education training to safely work on your physical body while providing ease to your mental body.

Currently Booking Tuesday& Thursday-Sunday 9am-2pm

Some of Sam's signature services include:

Seidr Massage

(Norse Energy Healing with massage therapy)

Oncology Massage

Little Bit Package

(Divination Reading and massage therapy) 

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Sarah Kelly LMT & CYT

Sarah Kelly provides massage therapy for anyone who has struggled finding consistent relief from chronic pain and tension. Her passion for seeking out the root of the problem in the body has led her to specialize in myofascial release and trigger point therapy. This creates an effective yet gentle approach to pain relief for each of her massage therapy clients. We often hear her reminding clients she works on why it hurts as well as where it hurts. Licensed Massage Therapist since 2019 and yoga practitioner since 2014, we recommend this mother and self care advocate for your chronic pain relief.

Currently Booking Friday 2pm-8pm

Some of Sarah's Signature Services Include:

Massage Therapy

Discovery Session

(Massage Therapy and Sound Bowl Healing)