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Welcome to Nine Worlds Healing!

I'm Samantha Mowrey, massage therapist and owner of Nine Worlds Healing.

I am also the only massage therapist in Clarksville TN who specializes in grief and trauma informed massage therapy, as well as oncology massage from diagnosis to survivorship. 

I look forward to being a valuable resource in your recovery journey.

Call, text or email to schedule your service or to schedule a free 20 minute phone consultation. 

Make sure to look at our services and our Resource page for further aide. 

I'm proud of you for taking an important first step in recovering and leaving survival mode.

35 Crossland Ave
Clarksville TN 37040

Look for the rainbow mandala with "Heidi's Healing Touch"

Hours of Operation
Monday 1-7pm
Tuesday-Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday-Sunday 9am-2pm


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