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This page is dedicated to a list of local and virtual resources for anyone seeking mental healthcare help or aide in some form. I have broken them into 3 sections for easier navigation.

Organic Mental Healthcare Provider List: This list is comprised of counselors and social workers who have been personally recommended by Sam, clients, peers, and friends in the Clarksville TN and surrounding Tennessee area.

Additional Healthcare Provider List: Many of the counselors and social workers on the Organic Provider List ended up being on excessively long waitlists or out of business. Every provider on this list has been vetted by Samantha via phone interview and face-to
-face meeting.

Additional Resources: Comprised of people who specialize in Grief or Trauma recovery, but are not mental healthcare providers.

None of these are listed from paid advertisement.

Joshua Mowrey LPC
Specializing in Personality Disorders, Hyper & Hypo Sexual Disorders, and Trauma
Accepting New clients In Person & Telehealt
h (prefer in person)
Thousand Suns Behavioral Health
(931) 218-6418

Kayla Cook LPC
Specializing in working with members of the LGBTQ+ community
Sunrise Counseling Services
2321 Rudolphtown Road Clarksville TN 37043
3929 Lamar Drive Clarksville TN 37040

Organic Healthcare Provider List

Additional Healthcare Provider List

Jessica Herzog MSW, CSW
Specializing in Prenatal & Postpartum, Co-Parenting, & Blended Families
Accepting New Telehealth Clients Only

Sandra Gresham LMSW
Specializing in CPTSD, Trauma Anxiety & Depression, and German Speaking Population
Accepting New clients In Person & Telehealth (prefer in person)
Minds Matter
118 Medical Ct. Clarksville TN. 37043


Whitney Carter LPC
Specializing in working with Adults with Childhood Trauma (even if it feels insignificant), Military Trauma, and Grief
Accepting New Telehealth Clients only for Individual and Group Counseling


Candice Reid LPC, MHSP
Specializing in working with Adults processing Grief, Trauma, Ethnic/Racial Issues (including immigrants), and is a Kink & ENM Ally
Accepting New Telehealth Clients Only

Betsy B. Abrams LCSW
Specializing in Grief, Trauma, and Couples Therapy
NOT Accepting New clients (Offers In Person Only)
1521 Dunbar Cave Road Clarksville, TN37043

Stephanie Anderson LPC-MHSP
Specializes in counseling techniques like brainspotting, somatic awareness, and embodied experiences for adults working through developmental traumas, including ones who say "I've been to counseling and it doesn't work."
Accepting New Clients In Person



Additional Resources

Updates Coming Soon!

If there is a resource or mental healthcare provider who has benefited you in your recovery and journey towards wellness, please share! Click the "Share" button below and answer the 4 questions to add your provider to the list.

If you are a mental healthcare professional or service provider who was directed here by one of my clients, please reach out through email or phone call. I would love to ask you more questions about your niche and the clientele you prefer to work alongside.

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