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Trauma Informed Massage Therapy

Because Samantha is a Trauma Informed Massage Therapist, every service is considered Trauma Informed. So what exactly does that mean? How does that differ from a standard "spa" experience? Here are those answers and then some.

Do I have to get completely naked?
Absolutely not.

"Undress to your comfort level." This means you can wear everything or nothing. It is entirely up to you. 40% of my clients wear nothing, 40% wear underwear (no bra) only, and the other 20% wear alot more. Regardless of how many clothes you do or do not wear, you will be under a sheet and blanket the entire time and I will only undrape the isolated area I am working on. Meaning, if I am working on the right arm, your entire body will be covered except your right arm. I will cover the right arm, then move to the next area we have already discussed. You will NEVER have any genitals or sexual parts exposed because I am not a sex worker. Therefore I do not work on sex organs or sexual parts.

Also, I do not work under sheets or under clothes. Ever. I provide compressions (heavy handed pressure) over the blanket and sheet. Skin to skin contact will only happen on undraped areas. I do not move clothes. You are welcome to adjust your clothing, but I will not ask you to and I will not move them myself.

Do I have to have every part of my body touched or massaged?

I am here to ensure YOU feel safe here. Every single time I work on a client I ask "Are there any areas of your body you do not want me to touch today, for any reason?" IF the answer is yes, I will not work on those areas. Body autonomy is #1 in my room. Consent is everything. If the answer is no, I still ask about specific areas to ensure we are working on the same page. I am building a trusting, working relationship with you and your muscles. Ignoring your needs is counter productive to that goal. I am here to meet you exactly where you are and not ask anymore of you. Not just physically, but mentally also. I am grateful to be trusted with these boundaries. I am honored for the opportunity to respect your "no".

Do I have to have my eyes closed the entire time?

If you are more comfortable watching me work, I have options for that. We can have you lay face up the entire time or even try side-lying. I offer a dry towel for clients to cover their eyes if they want to avoid the natural lighting in the room. You absolutely do not have to take the option though. (Most of my clients don't)

Do I have to tell you about my trauma?
Fuck no.
As a matter of fact, I don't want you talking about a single thing that will make you feel uncomfortable. Period.
I do not process trauma with people. Which means, if you want to share your experience I will listen without judgment, I will not rush you to feel a more comfortable feeling, and commit to just being present with you. I will not offer advice and I will not offer solutions. I am here to meet you where you are at the time of your service. This could take away from your hands on time as I do maintain a steady schedule. But I am always willing to listen without judgment.

Do I have to be silent the whole time? Will you(Sam) talk the entire time?
Depends on what you prefer.

"You guide the conversation." I will not initiate a single conversation about myself or to inquire about you. I will only speak to ask about my pressure, your massage experience, or to initiate a breathing exercise. That is it. If you would like to talk you are welcome to do so. If you ask a questions I will answer most topics. If you feel uncomfortable in silence, let me know. I will initiate a few breathing exercises or guided meditations that will enhance your massage experience without pulling you mentally away from your body.

What type of essential oils do you use?
I don't use essential oils.

I purchased my massage oils from Herbaceous Goods, a local herbalist here in Clarksville TN. She used fresh and dried organic, culinary grade herbs directly into a carrier oil, steeped for 1-2 months, then strained them. All 10 oils have specific intents behind them energetically and have little to no scent with them. The oil defuser uses fragrance oil. The only essential oil in the space is an already blended Deep Blue by DoTerra. Deep Blue is a menthol/icy hot smelling essential oil blend that I only use on muscles who are not trusting of me and unwilling to move under my hands. If you do not want them used though, I have a hypo-allergenic lotion we can use instead.

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