Massage Therapy Services

Intuitive Massage

Everybody and every body has different massage therapy needs. This massage therapy service is intended to find your bodies energy level and match it. I will provide a range of therapeutic massage techniques, as needed, to help alleviate discomfort, increase ease, and create body awareness.

Oncology Massage

Client actively going through cancer treatment and into survivor-ship have unique needs and additional precautions that need to be taken when receiving massage. This massage caters to these needs.

Energy Services

Seidr (Norse Energy) Healing

The Nordic people believed a person had nine parts to make a person whole, just as there are Nine Worlds on the Yggdrasil Tree. If one or more of this parts were disconnected or imbalanced there were major and minor affects to ones day to day living. This unique energy healing modality includes guided meditation, light compression, and breathing techniques to help these nine parts reconnect.

Rune Reading

Runes are a tool used for divination and guidance by the Nordic people. While many people use tarot cards, runes and oracle cards speak the clearest to me. Bring any questions you have and an open mind. 

Tandem Package

Massage & Reiki with 2 practitioners


Mind Body Connection

You have 90 minute to use on an Intuitive Massage and Rune Reading. This time will be used however you best see fit. It's your time. Let's make each minute count.

Divine Tree 

Rune Reading, Seidr Healing, and Intuitive Massage all wrapped up in one 2.5 hour package. Light snack included. 


**Beverages will be provided for all services.

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