Massage Therapy Services

Seidr Massage

Seidr Energy Healing and Massage therapy entwined in one service. After a thorough health history intake, I will incorporate therapeutic massage techniques, mindset mantras, and Norse energy healing for the most empowering and comforting healing service you have ever received. *Signature Service*

Intuitive Massage

Everybody and every body has different massage therapy needs. After a thorough intake, I will provide a range of therapeutic massage techniques, as needed, to help alleviate discomfort, increase ease, and assist with any massage related goals to best provide you a better understanding of your body's needs.

Oncology Massage

Client actively going through cancer treatment and into survivor-ship have unique needs and additional precautions that need to be taken when receiving massage. This massage caters to these needs.


Mind Body Connection

You have 90 minute to use on an Intuitive Massage and Rune Casting OR Seidr Healing and Rune Casting. This time will be used however you best see fit. It's your time. Let's make each minute count.

Divine Tree 

Rune Reading, Seidr Healing, and Intuitive Massage all wrapped up in one 2.5 hour package. Light snack included. 


Beverages will be provided for all services.