Class Descriptions & Schedule

Rune Study: Hagalaz & Kenaz

At Valhalla’s Gate

May 12th, 6:30-8pm    $20 per person

This is for anyone, at any stage of their journey, who wants to gain a deeper understanding of the elder futhark runes. This month we focus on Hailstones and the Torch. The environments we engage in and what we attract.

Heathen Study- Freyja & Her Valkyrie

At Valhalla’s Gate

Monday, May 30th, 6:30-8pm    $27 per class

The Queen of the Valkyrie, the most well known female Vanir, Goddess of battle strategy, and preserver of Seidr Magic: Freyja. We will discuss her role and massive impact on our culture, how we work with her, and the significance of her valkyrie.

Mentorship & One on One

One time, Monthly, and Bimonthly pricing options available

One on one class setting where Samantha creates unique classes to cater to your spiritual growth and needs. Topics can include (but are not limited to) ceremonial magic, grounding & shielding, rune study, and Norse mythology. If there is a public class you miss, one on one setting is ALWAYS an option as well.

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Heathen Study- Freyja & Her Valkyrie

At Valhalla’s Gate

Sunday May 22nd, 1-3pm    $35 per class

A bindrune is a type of sigil made up of only runes for a specific magical intent. Breaking habits, creating healthier habits, manifestation, banishing, etc. Everyone will leave with a charm with your specific bindrune that can be added to your altar or hung up to display. Basic understanding of runes is required for this class.