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This page is dedicated to a list of local and virtual resources for anyone seeking mental healthcare help or aide in some form. Shit happens and it's becoming more difficult to find trusted resources. I call each of these resources monthly in order to ensure this list is updated as often as possible.

None of these are listed from paid advertisement.

Every single resource was recommended by someone who has utilized the resource at various "shit happens" phases of life.

Thank you for your patience as we do our monthly maintenance.

An updated list will be available January 3rd, after many of my contacts reopen and have recovered from the holiday.

If you know of a resource or mental healthcare provider who would benefit others, please email or text me so I may call and set up a time to talk to them. You are also welcome to direct them to this page or have them reach out to me directly.

If you are a mental healthcare professional or service provider who was directed here by one of my clients, please reach out through email or phone call. I would love to ask you more questions about your niche, the clientele you prefer to work alongside, and payment information. 

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