Class Descriptions & Schedule

Elder Futhark Rune Study: Year Long

Last Wednesday of every month @Nine Worlds Healing

Second Wednesday @Valhallas Gate

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Available Online or In Person

This discussion based class will encourage a personal relationship between you and the elder futhark runes for your personal practice, magical workings, and meditative work. We go through 2 specific runes per class to help you gain a new understanding of these traditional Norse tools.  

Ragnarok: Monthly Study

Last Wednesday of every month

Starting August 2021

Available Online or In Person

This discussion based class dives into the myths of Ragnarok and how they apply to our day to day lives. You will leave with more understanding of what it means to live as a heathen and Norse pagan in our world today. 


Mentorship & One on One

One time, Monthly, and Bimonthly pricing options available

One on one class setting where Samantha creates unique classes to cater to your spiritual growth and needs. Topics can include (but are not limtied to) ceremonial magic, grounding & shielding, rune study, and Norse mythology. If there is a public class you miss, one on one setting is ALWAYS an option as well.

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